Image rendering in reply-by-mail posts

I wonder if something was forgotten when the syntax formatting for uploaded images was changed some time ago. I received a reply to a PM which was created from an email. The good thing is: the breakpoint between the post and the previous email was identified correctly. But an image which was included at the bottom of the email rendered like this in the post:


Note also the “301 Moved Permanently” link. The URL behind it is: and it correctly brings up my avatar if clicked. Since that part of the email is hidden anyway, I’m just bringing that up as an aside and because the breakpoint is not always identified correctly so that this strange link may show up from time to time.

Anyway, my main concern here is with the image from the email which was correctly uploaded (it is accessible via the url shown in the screenshot) but failed to be rendered correctly in the actual post.

I have the same issue.
Any updates?

What exactly is your issue?

When an image is attached to an inbound email, the image is not displayed correctly, instead I have a path between brackets as you mentioned.

I wonder if you found a way to correct this and display correctly the images?


I’m not aware of any fix that might have solved this. Since @codinghorror changed this topic from #bug to #support, the team is not treating this as a bug in discourse. I have not tried to reproduce this yet (and my users very rarely include images in their replies by email) so that I can’t say if the issue persists. Are you able to reproduce it? If so, please post the details of how you do it.

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