Image resizing slider shown on mouse over the image

(Anton) #1

I often find myself in the need of resizing the width and height of an image proportionally in the <img> tag once it is inserted.

What I do is I use calculator and multiply width and height by some factor and insert the updates values into the width and height attributes of the <img> tag. This is really annoying, especially if I have to do it more than one time to find the best looking size of the image and/or for more than one image in a single post.

What would be great is an image slider right on top of the image in the preview panel, showing 100% initially. You could then slide it left/right and the width/height attributes would change accordingly and you would see the image size increasing/decreasing right under your slider. This slider would appear when you mouse-over the image.

Btw, the original size of the above image is 552 x 76, but to make it look better, I had to multiply it by 0.6 (i.e. reduce its size to 60% of the original size), so I had to change the width to 331 and the height to 46.