Image Size Uploading Issues

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I’m currently running two forums (both running from the same source code, updated today) for two separate sites/communities. The only difference between the two, is that each has their own app.yml file and database.

There’s some strange stuff going on with the image uploading that I just genuinely can’t explain and would really like to get fixed as members of the communities are complaining about the image handling service. Any file 1MB or over doesn’t upload, nginx has a 100MB max size and both forums have 4096kb file size limiter. No notification comes up stating that the file is too big if I attempt to upload an image over 5MB, and the console in browser shows nothing.
Using Dragging and dropping or using the dedicated file explorer for uploading doesn’t seem to change anything and any file under 1MB works absolutely fine.

The most confusing part is that .docx and other file formats work just fine, I suspected it may be something to do with the image processing, so I set it all to 99/100 (100% quality) and that changed nothing.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please don’t be afraid to give me some feedback, I’m here scratching my head :sweat_smile:

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This sounds familiar to a recent topic. Is this any help?

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Sounds like my headache😂. @JammyDodger quoted the right topic. Hope you’ll fix this in external proxy settings. The problem is outside of Discourse. If you have Nginx somewhete in front of Discourse, you have to add an option ‘max_body_size’ in first config file on Nginx - usually /etc/nginx/nginx.conf as described at the message above.

This is useful for png. To keep alpha channel you need set 100% (no conversion to jpg at all).

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We had a couple reports of people with misconfigured HTTPS hitting problems with the new composer media optimization. Looks like the same issue. I will work on a detection next week, but in the meanwhile you can:


Currently have a client_max_body_size in the group level config, currently set to 100m.
Do I need to add another option named max_body_size?

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That has worked!

Thank you very much.
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