Image too large to link?


From time to time i noticed that links are starting to be broken. But not instantly.

When you paste link, everything looks fine, there’s thumbnail, and link is active.

After few seconds link is changing to “broken link” icon and hyperlink is disappearing

Problem also occur on linked images:

I can see image on preview, but not in post.

Newest 1.9.0.beta8.


No video in supported format and MIME-type found
(Robert McIntosh) #2

Might this have something to do with onebox images downloading locally? There is a setting for this.

download remote images to local

Is this turned on?

Alternatively, is it possible this is either not working for images that are downloaded, or you happen to be linking to images that are being blocked for some reason?


Ok, that’s very weird, mysteriously everything back to normal… Now everything works just fine, as usual. I didn’t change anything.

Sorry for bother you. Topic can be closed (but still unresolved).

(Jeff Atwood) #4

That is @vinothkannans code, so perhaps he can comment?

(Vinoth Kannan) #5

After the editing grace period (default 5 mins) if you enabled download remote images to local then all the external images in the post will be downloaded locally. If system unable to download the image then “broken link” icon will be replaced with external image.

Also if the download is successful but image is larger than max image size kb then “large image” icon will be replaced. And it will be linked to that large external image.

Yes, mostly it is not possible for Google Play Store to have broken thumbnail image. So it may happened because of connection issue. In rare cases like this you can click “Rebuild HTML” button then it will be fixed mostly. (Anyway I will improve the code to handle this situation well).

As I told system will try to download all external images.

Because you edited the post or clicked “Rebuild HTML” or somehow that post’s rebake is called.

Image thumnails shows default image
(Joshua Rosenfeld) #6

Hey @vinothkannans, I just got a report from another site about this issue. They’re seeing the thumbnail for the following onebox disappear. I’m not seeing any connection issues, and the image is served over HTTPS, and doesn’t appear to have a large file size. Rebuilding the post fixes it until the editing grace period runs again, at which time the image breaks.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

It looks broken here too @vinothkannans


Maybe it’s something related to blocking referrers to sites? You know, some sites blocks linking to them to prevent bandwidth usage.
Long shot only…

(Vinoth Kannan) #9

Yes. I think so

When I tested above onebox in development environment the log clearly saying it’s broken.

There was an error while downloading '' locally for post: 52

(Régis Hanol) #12

We’re aware of this annoying issue and are trying to properly identify it.

Unfortunately I am not able to consistently reproduce it, so I bumped the log level so that I can have more information when this happens.


I’m afraid that’s getting worse…

I’m pasting url to some gif

in preview I can see animation

For 3 second I can see gif in post

And after three seconds gif is disapeering

Newest discourse engine, plenty of storage, very strong server.

(Régis Hanol) #14

Can you post the link here?


Link to the gif or link to my forum?

Actually gif fits to that question :wink:

EDIT: It works here…

(Régis Hanol) #16

It was indeed the link to the GIF :wink:

Give it a few minutes, the processing happens in a background task which runs 5 minutes after the post is created.

EDIT: I manually ran the job, and it’s broken…

EDIT 2: Actually it’s not broken :wink: If you hover over the image, it says

This image is too large to display here; click to view

Which means we tried downloading the image but it was too big.

Surprising behavior: This image is too large to display; click here to view

Ok, so where I can change quota for downloading files?

(Régis Hanol) #18

It’s the “max image size kb” site setting.


I’m aware of that the most of the gifs and jpegs are huge these days. But, that’s why I’ve got big storage :slight_smile:
It’s more important for me to have it working, than I’m worried about space.


It looks like it helps, let me test it one more time.


I just owe you a beer sir!

It works like a charm!

Thank you!

(Régis Hanol) #22

This doesn’t solve your initial issue though… I’m currently investigating a way to fix it though