Image upload issues - alternatives are not uploaded/stored correctly

I’m trying to upload variations of an image (slight changes such as to the background/transparency) - they are given different names, but when uploaded to the forum the code that shows once it has been uploaded for each image is the same, so the alternative images never show up. Is this some sort of bug? (The same thing happens here on Discourse btw - checked in a PM).

File names are different but it’s possible meta data may be the same or similar.

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Then the images are not different, you can verify this by running a checksum on them.

It is possible the transparency is being stripped on upload, maybe? Perhaps you can upload a zip file with the images for us to look at.


Hmmm I think you might be right! Looks like the bug is in my software due to the latest OS X update.

I’ll have another look later and update you on it.