Image visibility problem in my forum

Hi Team Discourse,

I am facing new issue in my forum. When am posting the answers to my visitor’s question and uploading the image, the visitors are not able to see that image when they are logged out of the forum.

Thank You.

There are settings that make that happen. My guess is that you turned them on. Search here or look at settings that you have changed default values of.

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Thank you for the reply, could you please help me to see the settings for the image. I couldn’t see any settings and I have not changed any of the default settings.

Thank You
Shailaja Ramchander


Hi, I have the same problem with images in my forum.
Everything was working fine until the latest update ’ 2.5.0.beta3’
and then I discovered that many (but not all) of the images are no longer visible. When I post new images they work fine, but I can’t repost all the past images of the whole forum again of course.
I tried to change the “prevent downloading” setting described here but that didn’t help.
I am using a self-hosted version along with CloudFlare as a CDN. I turned off the caching of my CDN provider but that didn’t help. So what to do please. Thanks for any help.