Image zoom does not work


When I upload image file on my forum, the image shows up.
But we cannot zoom the image if we click it after uploading.

Is there a setting for it? I can zoom images in other forums.


(Penar Musaraj) #2

Do you have a link to your site? Clicking on images works fine here on meta.


sorry it’s a private forum. but yeah I know it here, that’s why I wonder how…
Basically it should be working so automatically?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This implies sidekiq is not working or broken on your instance.


If so, discourse dashboard should say that sidekiq is not runinng, correct?

(Glenn Sims) #6

If an image on your forum is shrunk to fit in the post window, you can click to zoom it in. If it’s actual size, you can’t click it to zoom in.


Ahh I see, so it depends on the size.

(Glenn Sims) #8

This image’s natural resolution is 3113x1486 pixels. You can click it for a full size.

This image is 300px square. It fits in the post window perfectly and is already actual pixel size.



I understand it, thank you!

(Glenn Sims) #10

Feel free to mark as solved :blush:

(Glenn Sims) #11

To add, some images can be enlarged on the mobile site and not on the desktop site due to the sizing constraints of a phone screen. If that is the case, there’s no technical problem going on.

(system) #12

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