Images: Avatars and Backgrounds!?

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When I try uploaded an image for an avatar or profile background, it gives me this error “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.” What is the problem!? I’ve tried different sizes and image formats different images and nothing works. Why doesn’t it tell me what the problem is with the image? is the file to large? Wrong file type? etc. ?? Need Help with this! Have customers on my forum that are upset about it.


Here are a few sporadic thoughts.

Is this the only problem you are having? Can you change your name field in your profile and have that persist?

Can you upload an image on a post?

If so, then consider the S3 file hosting section in your admin settings. If you can’t upload locally maybe you can by bypass your problem by using a S3 bucket for your image files. (On my forum I have turned on S3 from the get go because I would rather offload all my images elsewhere AND I also use S3 for my nightly backups (so win/win)).

Of course, this is just a work around to your problem and even then it might not work… You may want to get to the bottom of why local images don’t save and make sure other things work for you (like images in other places).

It might also help people here if you can tell us your hosting set up. Is this a digital ocean droplet install?

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