Images disappearing, reappearing, disappearing....(not Photobucket)


VERSION: 1.9.0.beta2+29

This issue seemed to appear a few days ago where images uploaded to the forum are not displaying. Oddly enough, and without intervention by me or the poster, they suddenly start showing, then disappear again. It is also random, affecting some posts but not others.

See here for an example:

Is this a ‘Sidekiq’ issue? Disclaimer: I don’t really know what Sidekiq is, but often see it mentioned in posts when there are image issues.

If this is likely a Sidekiq issue please let me know which tabs you’d like to see and I’ll post some screenshots.


I snapped some Sidekiq screenshots. Thoughts?








(Felix Freiberger) #3

Oh, why is Sidekiq paused? That’s not good!

Is this a standard Docker install? If so, I’d try running /var/discourse/launcher rebuild app and hope this fixes things up.

(Andrew Waugh) #4

Think of Sidekiq as a background process handler which coordinates all the stuff which users don’t do. It schedules all of the non manual jobs which keep discourse running. AFAIK it shouldn’t be paused unless there is a backup or a GUI update running.

Look in and try ./launcher rebuild app as @fefrei suggests.


Thanks for offering to help. I ran

./launcher rebuild app

but as you can see it did not fix the issue. I also rebaked the posts.

If I right-click one of the (broken) image placeholders and copy the image address I get the following:

But the actual image URL results in a 404.


Update: the poster re-uploaded some of his pics and they seem to be displaying now, with the only issue being some are presented with incorrect orientation, but that might be an issue with his phone.