Images not being lightboxed

(Will) #1

We have the lightbox option checked ON in admin settings. However, a large image while being resized, is not receiving the lightbox.

Url here: Missing Layers Panel Maya 2016 - Maya - Highend3d Artists Discussion Forums

I’ve read the other support threads that seem to indicate lightbox has issues if it can’t find the image. In our case, the image is there and found, but the lightbox class in the HTML is not:

Any help appreciated.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you repro this on ?

If your Sidekiq is not running you may have issues like this and others, as background system tasks are not being performed.

(Will) #3

Clearing out SideKiq solved this. Thanks for that suggestion. Is there a way to be notified if sideKiq is piling up failing tasks?