Images not getting posted in their full-size when images are extremely tall


Some images are not getting posted in their full size in my discourse site.

Here is an example of one such image:

It is getting posted perfectly here.
[EDIT: It is NOT getting posted perfectly here either. In edit window it was showing correctly. But once the post became LIVE, it is no more showing up correctly]

Here is how the same image is showing up in my site:

Image settings in my site:

(Mittineague) #2

The full image displays fine here.

When you click on the thumbnail to show the overflow portion, does it not work on your site?


The full image is shown only when I click the thumbnail.

(Mittineague) #4

That is how it is supposed to be. Imagine how the topic would look if the full 3857 pixel height image was in a post. It could conflict with Discourse’s purpose - discussion.


In the edit window it was coming up correctly.
So, I still think there is a different way to tackle this.

The reason I’m asking is because: in my site users post these kind of uploads all the time. I get a lot of these images.

Uploaded picture not scaling-to-fit for mobile
(Taylor) #6

This is an interesting problem. I haven’t looked into the image settings in a while, so forgive me if this functionality already exists or if this is just a bug that needs to be fixed.

Anyway, might it be advantageous to have an option to allow scaled, uncropped thumbnails for cases like this in order to give viewers the full picture thumbnail within the post? With that ability, under the 500px “max image height” in the settings, it would look like below. If you were to click on it, the full image lightbox would display (obviously the image below will not lightbox since I manually scaled this to 500px height, but imagine if it did!):



Thanks for the support.

My discourse site is for students. All they do is - post a question. And when they post a question, they never type it out. Instead, they take a screenshot of the question from their textbooks etc. and then upload the image of the question in their thread. And at least 50% of the threads end up with this kind of an image. So, like @bob77707 suggested, if this gets taken care by Discourse automatically, its going to bring in great user experience (at least for a site like mine).

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@nixie It looks there might have been some discussion about this already, I haven’t read through everything yet, but here is a topic that looks to be related: Feature Request: Tall and Thin Image Handling

(Kane York) #9

Maybe we can add a CSS class when a tall image gets cropped so there’s a visual indication that this happened? e.g. .lightbox-cropped and add a fade-out or black shadow (not sure which would be better).

Uploaded picture not scaling-to-fit for mobile