Images stop displaying

When I add images to a post, they appear fine. But the next day or so they disappear and there’s just a place holder. For example:

I can re-edit the piece and the image re-appears, but that’s not the point.

Any ideas please?

Is this a self-install? Did you follow our official setup guide closely, without deviating from any step? Does this happen with uploaded images, or remote hotlinked images? If the latter, does it happen with different websites?

Hi. I did a one-click install with Digital Ocean. It happens with uploaded images.

Mmm the image is still referred to our CDN at, so it is not displayed. Have you imported a backup from a hosted site?

The problem with using something that a third party has packaged up is that it really limits how much support (if any) we can provide. DigitalOcean would be the people to reach out to for any issues with their package.

There’s an official 30 minute install guide which will give you a known-good install and make it much less likely problems will arise and more likely that if they do we can assist.

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