Imdb embeds broken on other sites

(@SenpaiMass) #1

Over here the embeds are working fine . for example you can see the image of the imdb link

But here
@ try.discourse

Also i am getting the same problem on my site

(Jeff Atwood) #2

IMDB is blocking people from getting images by referrer most likely. I see the image working, but then after I refresh the page, broken. @techapj can you have a look? Last time I checked IMDB was pretty strict about allowing any of this… but maybe they support opengraph or oembed by now.

(@SenpaiMass) #3

Could there be a fix for this or it’s going to be that way since IMDB is strict with their policy?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Could be either, IMDb is quite strict, @techAPJ will check into it.

(Arpit Jalan) #5

I am unable to repro the IMDb broken image issue here on meta, try or locally… :confused:

Yes, IMDb does support Open Graph which is what we are using for extracting image and other metadata.

(@SenpaiMass) #6

IMDB embeds are still broken as of now :frowning:

(@SenpaiMass) #7

@techAPJ a fix is possible sir ?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

He could not repro the problem.

(@SenpaiMass) #9

I am not sure if the issue is fixed or not but its working fine for me.

PS- i recently added a SSL certificate to my forum , without https the imdb image was broken but with i am getting the image perfectly.

(Sebastian) #10

Also broken on one of my discourses… could there be a fallback solution (displaying a generic imdb logo instead)?

(Arpit Jalan) #11

I can repro this issue on, added on my list.

(Arpit Jalan) #12

Hmm, I have been looking into this issue for a while and I can’t figure out a way to bypass IMDb referer limitation.

This Stack Overflow answer best describe this issue: html - Remote images displaying only sometimes - Stack Overflow

Any suggestion(s) for fixing this issue is most welcome.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

You might try emailing them and ask if they ever plan to support OpenGraph or oEmbed to get an official answer Arpit.

(Robert) #14

Images from imdb are loading as long as I am on https. Otherwise, I get a 403 forbidden status code for the embedded image request.


I’ve done quite a bit of IMDB (and Rotten Tomato) test embeds recently on and Try and I noticed that IMDB shows broken images sometimes but on other occasions is just fine. And by that I mean with the same embed - it’s as if something was changing IMDB’s end. It was this inconsistency that made me check out Rotten Tomatoes which works well.

Either way I don’t think either embed looks particularly nice - leading me to think that for now, an image embed followed or preceded by a text copy and paste might work better. Although I guess there maybe copyright issues doing it that way.

(Robert) #16

Wouldn’t it be preferable then to just write a custom OneBox even though
oembed is supported? However, this solution might only improve the
layout/design. It doesn’t help to fix images.

Did you encounter issues during your tests with Discourse on https?


Perhaps, although I can’t see myself writing or modifying plugins anytime soon.

As an aside I do like the way iFramely handles embeds and note that NodeBB supports iFramely accounts.

No, all plain Jane http.

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(Robert) #18

As an aside I do like the way iFramely handles embeds and note that NodeBB
supports iFramely accounts.

Going for iFramely is like out-sourcing the integrated OneBox API to a paid
service. I don’t like that. :expressionless:


Then you have what you want already.

(Clay Heaton) #20

Looks like these are still broken on some sites. I just rebaked the linked post and the images still don’t appear (@codinghorror). Does it have to do with a CDN perhaps? They seem to work here…