Imgflip and replygif do not works after update

(Daniela) #1

Just update to 1.5.0.beta6 but we have some problems:

  • must delete plugin details before or the update fails. Details is in the core now. Correct?
  • the @cpradio’s plugins do not work (imgflip and replygif). The icons disappear from the composer.

What I have to do @cpradio ?

(cpradio) #2

Are you on the latest version of the plugin?

Works on my test machine, which is using Docker

Latest versions:

(Daniela) #3

Yes, latest version of your plugins


and latest version of discourse:

But the composer is empy:

P.s I change your icons some time ago. Now I have disabled the custom css.

(cpradio) #4

Any errors in the Dev Console?

If you click on the settings button what happens if you disable and then re-enable them?

(cpradio) #5

Hmm… I just upgraded to the latest commit, and it still works for me.

(Daniela) #6

Nothing happens.

A lot of warning, but no errors


Maybe not related, but the upgrade via the admin page didn’t go to the end for me yesterday, I had to rebuild app to make everything work.

(cpradio) #8

What are the plugins alert, checklist, and Spoiler Alert? Do they add any composer buttons or buttons in general?

I’m not convinced this is an issue with ImgFlip or ReplyGif, but maybe another plugin that isn’t working with the NO_CONSTANTS change that recently happened.

(cpradio) #9

Visiting your forum, I’ve confirmed it is the Alert Plugin (not the Spoiler Alert), that is causing your pain.

This is where the error is being thrown. Disable that plugin and it should work.

(Daniela) #10

No buttons for those plugin.

I don’t know what Alert plugin do. It was installed a lot of time before I was promoted admin (note I am not sysadmin)

Checklist and Spoiler alert plugins are about markdown

Now I see that spolier plugin [spoiler]text[/spoiler] do not work too

(Daniela) #11

Thank you for your help @cpradio.
Just informed the sysadmin about this problem. He will remove alert plugin soon!

EDIT : after disable Alert plugin and restart the cointainer we have the same problem.
We disable checklist plugin too and all the other plugins works now.

(cpradio) #12

And just to be clear, it is this one that is broken

So when you look in the app.yml, you do not want to remove discourse-spoiler-alert, you want to remove the other alert plugin (no idea where that originates from, so I don’t know what it will look like in the app.yml)

(Jeff Atwood) #13