Import images doesn't work for Photobucket

(Ryan Norbauer) #1

I’m sure every forum maintainer knows of the issue of broken links from images that people used using Photobucket BBCode. This occurs even though I have the import images setting turned on my settings.

The issue is things like this…

I’m trying to create an archival site that is a sort of repository of community knowledge. So ephemeral images like this are a big problem for us.

Is there any way to either a) ban Photobucket images or b) import them automatically into the forum’s storage as with other image links? I’m currently using a hosted version of the software, so customizing my Rails code unfortunately isn’t an option.

It would seem that turning on the setting to import all external images should just automatically do this for photobucket links as well as everything else, so I’m calling this a bug for that feature, but of course feel free to recategorize as a feature request. :slight_smile:

(Michael - #2

Actually, the third image in that post has been downloaded fine , it seems like the first images were removed really fast or maybe they even never worked?
Take a look at the third URL, it’s local. Doesn’t seem to be a Photobucket issue?

(Kane York) #3

Photobucket is notorious for removing photos. One thing you can do is put in your banned words list, (just tested) which will cause the images to not show in the preview. (This may be an accident.)

(Ryan Norbauer) #4

Actually, it looks like he updated the thread so all the images are now working and pointing to local images—so it’s a little hard to say what happened or what any of us saw at any particular point. Sorry for choosing a bad example.

If this was just an abberant case, this raises the larger question: is the normal function of Discourse to pull in images from Photobucket into the local storage?


If Discourse doesn’t normally import images from Photobucket into local storage, I may just take this approach. Thanks!

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