Import posts from mojoportal forum


(Ugo Chirico) #1

I’m want to import all posts from my forum made by mojoportal:

can someone suggest me the correct way?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

There is no importer for mojoportal.

An easy way to solve the problem might be to sign up for business hosting. Though I’m not familiar with mojoportal, the good folks there might consider it to be “common forum software”.

At the other end of the spectrum you could find an import script for something similar and write your own.

Middle ground would be to post over in #marketplace posting your needs (presumably you’ll want users, categories, and topics/posts, but what about avatars? permalink redirects of old URLs?). Just how messy mojoportal’s database is, how much the message format needs to be munged to make it into Markdown, and how many messages you have, are things that affect how much someone would want to do the job for you.