Import tools to get data from another q2a/forum platform

(Ariel Jannai) #1

Hello friends!

When I was looking for a forum/q2a for our organization, it was really hard to find something that will match what I’ve wanted. But then I came across codinghorror post on his blog, and discovered Discourse. Because it was a half a year ago, when Discourse only started, and I’ve already had to choose a platform - we went on a q2a platform.
So, I’m starting to think again about moving to Discourse, but I will have to move our questions over here.

I was wondering if or when there will be any tool to import data from another q2a/forum platforms.
I saw that someone mentioned the possibility of such tools in one of the discussions here.

Can someone tell what capabilities the tool will have?
Will it be some kind of API I would need to adjust to my platform? Or it will be already adjusted to a few existing popular platforms?

I want to know if it will be possible for me to switch to Discourse in the future, or if it will be to difficult. So the sooner is better, even that I will have to use Discourse in production? Or wait a few months and then try to move it all?

Thanks a lost!!


(Sam Saffron) #2

BitNami recently did such a migration, perhaps @Beltran can share some code and tips.

(Beltran) #3

Hi @arieljannai

Yes, we recently migrated BitNami forums from OSQA to Discourse.

We started with a clean BitNami Discourse image in AWS, where we populated a set of predefined categories and an admin user. Then we exported the users and questions from OSQA in a JSON format. For the questions, we preserved the relations between the answers and comments.

Then, we imported the users and the topics. The topics were populated with the same id and permalink so we made easier the redirections from our previous OSQA site. The answers and comments were added in creation time order and then we created relations between then so, if we had a comment of the first answer in OSQA, now in Discourse we have two posts, the second one being marked as reply to the first one. This way the discussion structure is streamlined and still keeps the structure.

Then we adjusted the categories, based on the tags defined in the JSON and from the title, if none is valid. Using a “General” category by default. Apart from that, we also adjusted the dates and likes of all elements.

We will write a post with more details about the migration at

(Ariel Jannai) #4

Thanks a lot!
it will be very useful when the time will come :smiley:

(Herb Jiang) #5

I tried to fork phpBB importer on GitHub and modified to import OSQA.

  • Import questions as topic, import answers as replies.
  • Import users.
  • While importing posts, it will try to match category with the same
    name as the tags of post (only import the first matched tag).

(Courtney Drake) #6

@Beltran did you end up writing a post about your migration from OSQA to Discourse? If so, would love to read it, my company’s considering the same move and want to figure out if/how we can migrate our content over.