Impossible to access my Discourse Forum


I am from France;
I have installed since 9 month a Discourse Forum on a server hosted by OVh in France.
the adress was :
At this time I can’t access to this adress.
I have look on my host access and the configuration is still ok by Ovh.
Can you tell me how I can recover to access to : the adress : ?

Thank you

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Looks like the DNS is valid and currently points to – you’ll need to SSH in there and see what’s going on with the server.


the right IP adress for the site is

I haven’t the same server in IPV4 as in IPV6
in IPV4 :

dig +nocmd +noall +answer A**    3600  IN  A**
    dig +short -x ->**

in IPV6

dig +nocmd +noall +answer AAAA**    3600  IN  AAAA  2001:41d0:404:200::824**
    dig +short -x 2001:41d0:404:200::824 ->**
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I have find : I had two DNS entry for my website, one ‘A’ with the good IP (IPV4) and another ‘AAA’ with a wrong IP (IPV6) so I delete the ‘AAA’ entry.
I must wait the propagation delay now and try if it’s good.