Impossible to add new users

(Ruurd Eijzinga) #1

My settings are :smile:
invite only yes
login required yes
must approve users yes
enable local logins yes
allow new registrations yes

when I send an invitation to a new user and they click on the link in the mail they end up on the login page, but they don’t have credentials at this time.

So how do I add new users to my discourse ?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Enable local logins and allow new registrations is the default. So you’ve changed

  • Invite Only
  • Login Required
  • Must Approve Users

@techapj can you check that combination locally? I don’t see anything incompatible there.

(Arpit Jalan) #3

Not happening for me. Are you on the latest Discourse version?

(Ruurd Eijzinga) #4

Hello Jeff,
Thanks for your answer
When I set it to the default I can create a new login /user
But we want to use it as a private blog

so therefor I set invite only, login required and must approve users

What are the settings for a private blog ?

Kindly regards,

Ruurd Eijzinga