Improve category color list input in admin panel

(Anton) #1


A forum with many categories and subcategories, those requiring admin to prepare and setup many category colors which work well together

For example, my setup has 20 categories and it is one such a case where I would be happy to see it improved.


It is currently very difficult for an administrator to manage a long list of colors because I cannot see the actual colors. This also makes drag-n-drop function less useful because I do not know how to reorder colors if I do not see the colors.

Proposed Solution

Make a bold line of every color tag have that specific color:

On the example srceenshot a 7px border-bottom CSS rule is applied to LI HTML elements, e.g.:

border-bottom: 7px solid #95f6db;

(Anton) #2

If dev team consider this being a good idea, I may try to do my first trivial contribution in the codebase and send a PR when it is done. Could anyone comment?

(cpradio) #3

I like the idea of it, I say go for it. :smile:

Also, you got a like from @awesomerobot, so I’m certain it should be approved once your PR is ready.

(Anton) #4

I just didn’t want to do something that wouldn’t be accepted into the codebase - learning Ruby & Discourse is more interesting if needed things are getting done ,)

Aha, I see now how it works.

(cpradio) #5

I see this being approved just fine. You got a like from @awesomerobot. He does/did the majority of UI work.

(Anton) #6

Here we go.
My very first contribution to the codebase :sunny: