In FF 26.0, horizontal scrollbar appears when scrolled to the top

(Anton) #1
  1. Navigate to the home page and scroll bottom a little.

  2. Enter into Create New Topic mode. Don’t input any text.

  3. Hide composer panel.

  4. Navigate to the top of the page with using the vertical scrollbar.

  5. At the very top, the horizontal scrollbar unexpectedly appears: - It scrolls just for 5-10 pixels.

Environment: Win x64 8.1, Firefox 26.0 (zoom = 100%), Dell 2209WA 1680x1050

(Nicholas Smith) #2

I see the same thing. FF 26.0 Win 7 64 bit.

(Johan Jatko) #3

Similar behaviour when you have added a div(or any element with text content) to the Header area in the Customize menu.
The scrollbar disappears when you scroll far enough down for the header component to detach(when the body tag gets class=“docked”).

Regression: Try has a horizontal scrollbar
(Bill Ayakatubby) #4

I just reproduced, but I’m not quite sure how. I could never do it on purpose.

(Anton) #5

Have not you reproduced by following steps 1-5 as described above? ))

(Bill Ayakatubby) #6

No, I couldn’t reproduce it at all until I just did it accidentally.

(Johan Jatko) #7

Own a forum and can try my version?

  1. Go to the Customize menu in the admin section
  2. Create a new(or modify) a Customization
  3. In the “Header” section, add <div>test text</div> or <span>test text</span>
  4. Enable and Save and refresh page
  5. Horizontal scrollbar should be visible when you are scrolled up to the top.

(Sam Saffron) #8

I am not seeing this anymore in firefox, is it gone?

(Johan Jatko) #9

Yes, @awesomerobot solved it in another topic. (Sorry for bump)

(Jeff Atwood) #10