Inbox and notifications don't display messages to yourself

(Rob Meade) #1


Might sound daft but to test which colour the icon was on the mobile app (green I think) I sent myself a message.

Whilst the message does display under Sent, it does not appear within Inbox, nor is a notification generated and as such, no notification is displayed in the mobile app.

Not tested on desktop but assuming the same outcome.

I am not sure if this is by design, if it is, perhaps the To field shouldn’t allow the selection of oneself, preferably though, the message would appear within Inbox and notifications generated etc so that the behaviour is the same regardless of recipient.


Just tried tagging myself within the message and that doesn’t change the behaviour above either. No notification for a mention.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Er what? You want notifications for PMs you send to yourself?

(Cameron:D) #3

In the same way you send an email to yourself and you get a copy in your inbox. Here, if you compose a PM to yourself (why is a different question… Maybe a note to yourself for something related to the forum?) it lands in your sent messages, but not inbox.

(Rob Meade) #4

Hey Jeff,

Its not so much about the notification specifically, I was simply.trying to generate a notification to check whether it was blue or green on the mobile app foe the message notifications. During that quick test I then discovered that when you do send a message to yourself the behaviour is different compared to sending a message to another user.

If the non appearance of the message and lack of notification is by design, it seems odd that I cam select myself as a recipient of the message, to then not be able to see it.

Whilst I appreciate few people will probably send messahes to themselves, although this could be beneficial from a ToDo perspective, not having the message arrive in the same way as a message from anyone else feels confusing. I tried refreshing the page several times before even thinking of checking the sent items.

My gut feeling is that messages shpuld behave the same regardless of who sends them, or, if the rule is that you, as a user, wpuldnt ever need/want to message themselves, then preventing it from happening via restricted user selection for the recipient feels more straight forward than hiding messages from the inbox view.

Fully appreciate this may seem a bit random, I didnt go looking for this, it was something I merely stumbled across and was confused by the experience as as a user. :slight_smile: