Incoming mirror change from Taobao to RubyChina for web.china.template.yml

(Erick Guan) #1

web.china.template.yml is a template to switch default gem sources to mirror server in China which helps various of connectivity problems. It’s hosted by Taobao currently. However, more and more users are reporting connectivity issues even using Taobao mirror.

The troubles come from security policies that only employees can access servers which is needed for maintenance work at Taobao. Core maintainers left Taobao recent years which cause all kinds of troubles.

Therefore, a new mirror is considered to operate separately under control of serveral core members at Ruby China. QCloud will sponsor servers and CDN from Tencent. It’s going to offer “realtime” synchronization, 400+ global CDNs and two servers operated outside China which ensures CDN server can query the data.

I’ll look into the details and fill in a PR soon.

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