Incomplete /admin/docker update: "missing %{posts} value"

(Jan Philip Gehrcke) #1

A couple of hours ago I performed an update through /admin/docker, for incorporating changes that were checked in on Friday. One of these changes was FIX: too_few_topics_notice check and message should use basic_require… · discourse/discourse@46bdd13 · GitHub, where among others config/site_settings.yml was changed and the basic_requires_read_posts mechanism was supposed to be fixed. That update lead to my interface showing [missing %{posts} value] in the too_few_topics_notice, where 30 should have appeared.

I this state I sshd into the container and found that /var/www/discourse/config/site_settings.yml was still the old version, i.e. it contained basic_requires_read_posts: 30 instead of

    default: 30
    client: true

So it was not “sent” to the client, and therefore that [missing %{posts} value]. Now, I do not know where I can see update logs again (there is beautiful output when we upgrade through /admin/docker, but where can I later on see the same log again?), but it looks like that update was applied only partially.

I could reach a consistent state again by rebuilding the container, not surprisingly. But I figured I should better make a bug report, because in this case the /admin/docker utility left the Discourse instance in an invalid state.

Where are /admin/docker upgrade logs?
(Neil Lalonde) #2

Unfortunately there’s no way to investigate what happened now. It would have been good to see the output of the upgrade. I’m guessing it said “Successful” at the end?

(Jan Philip Gehrcke) #3

Right, it definitely said that. I wanted to review the logs after that, but please see Where are /admin/docker upgrade logs?.

(Jeff Atwood) #4