Inconsistency: Add one member of @moderators and remove @moderators from flag PM

Hey, someone flagged a post as “other” and I talked to them. After a while it wasn’t relevant anymore to all @moderators so I tried to add one specific member of @moderators. This wasn’t possible - @moderators were already part of the PM of course. Then I removed @moderators from the PM and after that I coudln’t access the PM myself anymore, of course. I suspect that the person, who flagged the post, was left alone in the PM…


I seem to remember that in earlier versions of Discourse, individual moderators were added to a flagg PM when they replied to it. Maybe I’m mistaken. Anyway in Discourse 2.0.4 you can only either have all moderators in a flag PM or none.

The only solution I see is to start a new PM and manually inviting the involved people again. Is there a different way?

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I’m not clear as to why a subset of Moderators would need to be removed. It seems to me if it was not relevant they could simply move on.

Anyway, Admins would have access so you could ask them to add the individual Moderators back in.

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Ah, personal information was involved.