Inconsistent behaviour of dropdown menus with keyboard


(TechnoBear) #1

For the notification, category and profile menus, the only way to move through them is by Tabbing; the Up/Down arrow keys will not work, nor will k/j.

For the search menu, the only way to move through the results is by using the Up/Down arrow keys. The k/j keys will not work, and while Tab appears to move focus down the list, it doesn’t actually do so and pressing Enter after Tabbing will only open the first result in the list.

(see also
Using Keyboard on Search Results takes you to wrong Selection)

(cpradio) #2

Category/Profile Menus are fixed. Notification still isn’t, but I believe there is another topic open about that. Search no longer allows the use of up/down to pick the search result (you must tab).

I believe this can be closed, as most is resolved and what isn’t is open elsewhere.

(Jeff Atwood) #3