Inconsistent count of new postings

At least in category view (categories on the left, last topics on the right) I see an inconsistency between
a) the “alert-buble” on my avatar picture and
b) the posting on the category page.

See this example:

At the time I took this screenshot, there was a new answer to the topic “Tiere…”. This is correctly shown via the alert-buble, but not on the topic itself - it’s greyed out, no blue bullet, wrong answer count (0).

On other views in discourse, there is a blue box appearing “x new topics if you reload this page” but not on category view.

So my questions would be

  • why is the “bubble-count” correct, but not the topic-count?
  • is there a way to adjust e.g. caching to get rid of this behaviour - it’s a small intranet community so performance should’nt be a problem?
  • would at least a blue box in category view lead to more consistency?
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