Inconsistent display of custom font on Category

(Jessica) #1

Hi there,

I use a custom font (Adelle) on Categories, and it has been displaying inconsistently for viewers - staff and external users. The error has been spotted on Macs in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. It does not seem to be correlated to whether a user is logged in or not (I saw in other threads here that logged in/out was sometimes related to CSS errors).

User 1: Logged in to Forum on Mac - Chrome 54:

User 2:
On Left - Logged in to Forum on Mac - Chrome 54
On Right - Not logged in to Forum on Mac - Safari:

Ideas on what could be going wrong?


(Sam Saffron) #2

I am having trouble reproducing, seeing the exact same font for logged in vs logged out.

Can you have a look in Chrome dev tools perhaps to see what is going on?

(Jessica) #3


Thanks for your help. This problem is so peculiar.

I created a class for category-name and set it to Adelle-Bold and changed the font color from the dark blue to red to better verify whether it obeyed the new class. Still the problem persists that I see the font-family correctly and my colleagues see the wrong font-family.

See below - both on Mac:Chrome.
TOP: My colleague’s browser reflects the category-name color but not its font-family.
BOTTOM: My browser reflects both color and font-family.

(Mittineague) #4

What does the @font-face rule you are using look like?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Do you both have the exact same browser version with no plugins or customizations? I suggest comparing another browser you do not regularly use on your machine like Firefox to rule out customizations and version issues.

(Jessica) #6

@Mittineague - You called it. Apparently 80% of the installed fonts were commented out on the style sheet, and I didn’t realize it.

Fixed! Feeling a little silly, but relieved that it was a very easy fix. Thanks for all your help @Mittineague, @sam, and @codinghorror.