Incorrect Topic Count on User Profile


So I as checking out the new User Directory, and I decided to compare my stats on that page against the stats shown on my profile page. That when I noticed that the topic counts were off. Instead of trusting that one was right over the other, I went ahead and counted the listed topics. To my surprise, the profile page was wrong. Screenshots are below (values expected to have changed after creation of this topic):

Edit: Edited profile screenshot to emphasize bug.

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Disregard me, I’m obviously lacking my caffeine intake today :smile:


I have a similar issue - 20 shows up in the menu, but 19 actual topics in the list and in the user directory.

(Kane York) #5

How many PMs/flags do you have? Might be something there.

(PJH) #6

How often is the data that ends up on that page updated?

Just made two posts to try.d and I didn’t appear in the list at all:

(Sam Saffron) #7

@eviltrout caching issue? or are we counting deleted topics?

(Robin Ward) #8

The user page wasn’t correctly respecting a user’s ability to view their own topics with respect to visibility. I’ve got a fix here:

The directory is updated about once an hour.


5, 2 started by me. So that doesn’t appear to be it. I didn’t think that would be it anyway since they are counted separately.


This appears to be fixed. Could we get this topic closed?

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You can also use flag to moderators to ask for a topic to be closed.