Indefinite scrolling bad for Google?

Hi, I am not a developer so I have my site developed and maintained by an external team. I now want add Adsense to my forum and my developer mentioned that this might be a challenge because of Discourse’s dynamic nature. He says even Google has a hard time indexing all the content on a Discourse forum especially because of indefinite scrolling. Can you please share your experiences on this?

Here’s an example of a post at the end of a long topic:

That post is 873rd in the topic (id 901, presumably because posts were moved or removed).

It’s number two on Google for part of the text which appears, without quotes:

Safe to say Google hasn’t had any issues finding it.

You’ll notice as you scroll down topics that the URL in the address bar increments to the direct URL for each post. Google doesn’t see the infinite scrolling version of the site, instead a flat version of the site is served up, which eliminates any of the perceived issues created by infinite scrolling.


Trivially disprovable. Change your browser user agent to googlebot crawler, disable javascript, and visit any Discourse site anywhere. Go ahead, try it!