Independent ad option?

(Robert) #1

Hello everyone, I did search first

I see the ad options


and would like to use them like designed


But I need to keep it forum related (firearms) and have retailers ready take ad space

Is there a method to hang a banner of my own design between posts, categories etc?


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Are you using a particular ad provider or are you simply hand-crafting your own ads?

If the former, you should look at how new ad-providers such as CodeFund added an integration for their platform. If the latter, you might be better off making theme components for your custom ads.

(Robert) #3

Fantastic , I can likely use the footer for starters I would guess :thinking:

Yes, hand crafted

Perhaps then figure out how to put some between categories or something more attractive

Thank you for the tips :sunglasses:

(Mariano Rodriguez) #4

You could also use Google Ad Manager, previously Double Click.

It’s supported by the plugin and lets you manage your campaigns as you like.

(Robert) #5

I sincerely thank you for your help,

unfortunately their policy on our content is prohibitive,

again, I am grateful for your help.