Inexperienced with backend, have a 502 Bad Gateway error on forum. Help?

(Carey B) #1

I have someone who usually helps me sort these things out but he’s unavailable right now.

Can I enlist the help of someone to sort this out? I’m self-hosted on Digital Ocean and using only 1 of 32 gigs.

The error just popped up this morning here:

Any help would be appreciated. I can pm access.

(Carey B) #2

Nevermind! I followed instructions from other people who’ve had similar problems and got it running again. No free memory.

(Andrew Waugh) #3

Was this on a specific part of the forum?

I just had a look, and at least with Edge, anon user browsing seems to work fine.

(Carey B) #4

It was the entire forum but I performed a cleanup and now it’s running.