Infinite mailing loop with user's email account support

(Stanislaw Klajn) #1

Hi all,

We are running discourse for a while now and everything was working just fine. However since recently we’ve noticed increased amount of outgoing email. Short investigation discovered an infinite loop:

  1. We are mailing user about new post, as expected.
  2. User has removed his email address, email bounces and we receive an email from
  3. We received auto-generated email, so we reply to it with EmailRejectAutoGenerated message.
  4. opens a new support ticket and informs us about this with auto-generated message (with support ticket number, so each email has different subject)
  5. GOTO 3

At the moment we have disabled all the emails, most likely we will allow outgoing emails and disable incoming emails, but this is not ideal. Is there a way to disable only EmailRejectAutoGenerated emails?

(Régis Hanol) #2

Are you running the latest version of Discourse?

If no, can you update to latest?
If yes, can you PM me the raw email of the ticket from fastmail

(Stanislaw Klajn) #3

Yeah, I had a feeling it might be an upgrade. :slight_smile: Is there a changelog anywhere I could grab? We’re running 1.6.0.beta1+10 atm.