Info on Footer; registered member and more information

(Marco) #1

Many platforms, contain information on the footer of the forum: last member registered, users connected, etc…
It is possibile add the same features of Discourse?

(Kane York) #2

I don’t think we should do this. It’ll just encourage spammers to put garbage links in their bios so they can be linked from every page.

Also, if you plan to live-update that like everything else… hoo boy, privacy concerns over the timing data there.

(Marco) #3

I would add the same ^^
Can someone please help me?

(Marco) #4

Someone is willing to tell me the variables to use to make this change?

(Travis) #5

This is similar to what’s being discussed here:

You might find that discussion useful.

(Marco) #6

I have already seen that topic, but does not indicate any change to be made…

(Uwe Keim) #7

To me this statement alone is a highly accurate indicator to not do it in Discourse.

(Mittineague) #8

Changes have been made.
There is now a Users page
Admin has “list” pages and other statistics

As for “presence” it can be inferred from the Users page. eg.
if a member has visited a majority of the days possible, then the odds are they will show up on any given day

(Marco) #9

I understood why…
The platform does not have to look like the other…and Ok…
But I need this change ^^

If then you do not need this change, I do not know what to say to you xD

(cpradio) #10

You will have to write a plugin to do this. As to my knowledge it is not planned and isn’t anywhere near being placed on the roadmap as the Discourse team doesn’t see any value in that information.

(Marco) #11

Someone is willing to create one?
I would pay if it were necessary ^^