Information about differences between beta builds and release


I’m an interaction designer working on a team that is trying out Discourse (mainly because I asked them to do so…)
So far, so good. We are using version 1.5, beta13b+113 … when I noticed that version 1.5 is now released, I asked my dev buddy who deployed the beta for me if we should upgrade, and he said, "if past experience predicts the future, it will be claimed that the upgrade will be easy, but it will not"
I am open to us not upgrading, especially if the current 1.5 beta version we’re using is not much different from the release. I can’t find information in the forums here that describes the incremental changes between beta versions and the final, though, so not sure… can you point me to such documentation, so I can pass along information to my developer? Thanks!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

The important thing is what update channel you are on. All our customers are running on the beta channel.

If there’s an update available, you should definitely upgrade. It really is very easy to do in Discourse. Of course, like with anything else, run a backup first just in case. And if you have custom plugins running then you ought to have a staging site to test upgrades on.

(cpradio) #3

Personally, I’d include major customizations in that too. If you are inserting any javascript or CSS that you require for aesthetics, then you should really utilize a staging environment to check that upgrading production won’t be a problem.


Thanks all. I guess the intent of my original post was not clear enough: Is there someplace where I can find the information about what has changed between the beta we are running, and the release?

My situation is that I don’t want to ask my development buddy to do something he is not inclined to do, (because he perceives it to be difficult - regardless of whether it actually is), unless it will be for a good reason. I’d rather not just take your word for it that it’s worth upgrading - he likely won’t be convinced by that suggestion. Hopefully this makes sense.

(cpradio) #5

If you view the source, you will see a guid in the generator, that tells you which commit you are on, you can then view the commits on github to see what all has changed since that one.

You can also see what commits occurred from beta13b to master (or at least the past 250 commits)

Or if you want to see from your specific commit, replace the guid in the below URL with the guid you find in your source