Initialising a discourse forum on a Ghost Blog

I’m still trying to get my head around how the authorisation (access) to discourse works in a case where discourse is being used a comment provider for a Ghost blog.

I have recently set up a ghost blog (see example ) with a supporting discourse instance ( same URL with the leading word discourse. ).

The have created both a category (Data Wrangling) and a group (datadevops) with permissions create, write, see. The everyone group has the permission see and reply. I have associated the group with the data wrangling category. I have read the article on open and closed groups here: Invite only/closed groups,

When I’m logged into my discourse instance, and view the blog post, I can see the “Start Discussion” link. When I’m not logged into the discourse instance, I do not see any discourse-related links. Would that be due to no entries for that particular topic? Do I need to create the first topic entry in order for a discourse discussion link to be visible in the ghost blog post?

The use-case is typical. I would like to use the blog as a means for folks to access discourse, place a registration request, I approve it, then they can post against a topic which is then visible on the blog.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey Mike. Sounds like something is not working as intended here. I assume you’ve followed this tutorial?

Yes, I followed Evil Trout’s excellent description on how to embed the Discourse URL within the Ghost blog. I have also checked to see that the first time after the embedded discourse code is place in the blog and the blog is visited, it correctly creates a topic based on the blog title. So far so good.

What I don’t understand is how a visiting person can see a link at the bottom of the blog where they can click to register themselves on my discourse instance. I can see the link in the blog if I am already logged into my discourse instance, however logging out of my discourse instance leaves no visible sign of a link on the blog for me. As there is no link at the bottom of the blog, I cannot see how anyone can register to leave a comment.

Hope this clears up my issue.

Best regards,

The problem is that the comment embedding will only show a link on a public forum, but your forum is private.

Everything should work fine as is if users are already logged in, but you might need to add some custom functionality to the embed code to add some generic sign up link if the forum is private.


Thanks for that. I thought having my data category read visible would have allowed public visibility, however I didn’t realise the forum was private (I probably chose an option without being mindful). So, how to I make my forum public?

Go to Settings → Login and uncheck “login required”.

The easier way is to re-run the setup wizard, and this should always be our go-to response :wink:


Great. Thanks for your help.