Injecting custom behaviour and UI

(Mic Pringle) #1


I have set up an instance of Discourse, which uses our custom SSO provider. Everything works great, but I’d like to alter some of the standard behaviour and UI to provide a richer user experience, and was hoping I could get some guidance on where to being, and whether or not I can achieve what I’m looking for using a plugin rather than having to fork Discourse.

First up, I’d like to add a link to this screen:

somewhere in the vast empty space on the right that redirects a user to our SSO user profile editing page, since that’s the only place where they can edit such things as username, name, email etc.

Secondly, I’d like to either remove the refresh button, or completely suppress the following pop up:

When you log out on our Discourse instance it also logs you out on our SSO provider and then redirects to the home page (via some custom Rack middleware), so this popup is only visible for a very short time, and certainly not long enough for anyone to click the refresh button.

Any help or guidance on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.