Input from site Moderators and Admins requested: how often do you deal with flags, blocks, suspensions, and tough users


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

So I’ve seen some questions come up over the last few weeks about moderating a Discourse instance. There was this discussion about dealing with overly emotional users, this topic about TL3 users with too many flags, and more that I am not finding right now. I guess what I am curious about is what other communities see in terms of their users and content. Over at Stonehearth, in my time as a moderator over the last 4 months, we have seen very few issues. Since our Discourse started just before May of 2013, we have had a grand total of 544 flags. The average number of flags per month is just 16, and we are seeing a negative trend (linear trend) in flags.

We have only 3 long term (indefinite) suspensions, and very few (less than 10 to the best of my knowledge) total suspensions in our history. In the past 3 years, only 5 posts have been auto hidden by 3 or more flags, though 2 other posts did receive 3+ flags but of different types. All but one of the auto-hidden posts happened in February of 2015, and the flags were all for one of our now long-term suspended users (who received 34 of the 60 flags for the month). I have wondered if the small quantity of auto-hidden posts is due to the low number of spam/inappropriate posts we receive, if users don’t tend to flag posts, or if our mods are particularly active. Of the 544 total flags, ~130 of them (more than a fifth) were from the mods themselves, which were then dealt with immediately.

I guess what I am wondering is what other communities see. Our community is around a indie game, and the majority of the discussion is focused on bug reporting and game suggestions. We have just over 6000 total users, with an average of 170 user visits per day. We have 5 mods in 4 different time zones (3 US, 2 Europe) 4 active admins, and 9 total admins (if I skip the Discourse team since we are hosted). What do you experience on your site? How big are you, what is your focus, how active is your mod team, etc. Do you get a lot of spam/inappropriate posts? How do you decide when to block or suspend an user, and how frequently does that occur.

tl;dr edit per @codinghorror’s request:

Question 1: Please provide your general site details. (like what your site is for, how busy it is, how large your moderation team is, etc.)

Question 2: How frequent do you run into “issues”, and what do they tend to ensue. (like frequency of spam and flags)

Bonus Question! How do you deal with “big deal issues”, like suspensions, and how often do you encounter the need to do so?

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(Jeff Atwood) #2

Thanks for sharing this data! This is a lot of questions and might be difficult for others to answer as it is so broad. Can you maybe list the top two questions you have, so it is super clear what is being asked for?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

You are very welcome. I have update the OP as requested. Would love to hear the details on what you encounter here as well!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

All good questions! Doesn’t seem to have hooked the average Meta user though. Maybe you could try repost this on a more specialised forum like FeverBee? Feel free to put a link to it here if you do.