Instagram and Facebook oEmbed API to stop working, what about Onebox?

@znedw my question still stands, if you can help everyone with some insight on this please?

The first review failed because I had some extra text in the Oembed URL field and the form removes spaces onsubmit, so the URL didn’t work… That’s the only difference between attemps

Nope, in the Platform section (I had to add a platform in the wizard), I just wrote

No account needed

I didn’t really want to setup a discourse account just for FB review, so I just found a post on our forum that was public, and had an Instagram image embedded. I thought this would show how the integration functions well enough. I guess FB could read the discourse source and work it out themselves :man_shrugging:

Sorry I missed this. I literally did no changes to either forum, just found a forum post with an instagram pic embedded as mentioned above and then walked through the app review wizard on FB