Install Directories

(Stephen Kerr Jr) #1

So I am not a huge Linux guy, but I can navigate my way around with no problems.

One thing holding me back is being worried about the install locations and correct setup of my server. I feel like there are several duplicate directories on my server after installing wordpress, mysql, and docker+discourse. Can someone confirm these file locations as correct so I can feel more confident moving forward?

Root Directory: /

bin home lib64 opt sbin tmp vmlinuz.old
boot initrd.img lost+found proc srv usr
dev initrd.img.old media root swapfile var
etc lib mnt run sys vmlinuz

Web Dir: /var/www

html phppgadmin

Discourse Dir: /var/discourse

bin containers launcher samples shared
cids image scripts templates

Maybe it is just the root directory that I am concerned about. That and the inability to connect to the database if I want to (some wierd feeling not being able to connect to the “heart” of the application), but if the backup inside discourse is enough to recover everything in the forum, then I might not have anything to worry about.

Also, is there a quick way to delete all the content in the forum to start from “scratch” in an easy way?

(Sam Saffron) #2
  1. Stop all docker containers, docker ps should return nothing.
  2. rm -fr /var/discourse

(Kane York) #3

I keep posting this, but I really think it will help you understand the files system: