Install discourse on root domain (no subdomain)

I have read through the installation guides and previous comments in relation to this but can’t find a definitive answer.

Can you fresh install discourse at as opposed to Are there any drawbacks to doing so?

Will swapping out the sub domain for the root domain in the installation guide suffice or does it require further configuration? Guide: [can’t post 2 links] (it’s the 30 minute install guide)

In addition do you recommend the manual installation or use one of digital ocean’s images?

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If you are hosting on your own VPS being on an apex domain / root domain is fairly straightforward and there are no issues. It requires DNS flattening support if you are on third party hosting.


I am going to run this through a digital ocean droplet for initial testing of the platform - will I be fine to simply swap out the sub domain for root domain in the install documentation: Install Discourse in Under 30 Minutes


Just to confirm I did this and it worked fine, simply swap out the sub domain for your root domain during the installation process.