Install Order on CentOS


I understand that it’s a lot easier to install on DigitalOcean, but I have to work with what I got.

I intend to run a website (wordpress) with Discourse on the same VPS with Bluehost. It’s running CentOS 7 and I have SSH root access.

When I first tried to install docker, then discourse I got the Port 80 already in use error. Some googling lead me to change the port in app.yml to something else (in my case 2045:80). I was able to install Discourse but was only able to access it from IP address and not

First: How can I get to point to an IP address with a port? Going directly to IP address shows my domain name provider (123-reg), and Discourse is only available by directing my browser to IP:2045.

Second, should I be installing NGINX first before everything else?

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There are lots of topics here on Meta which cover installing discourse alongside an existing webserver:



I read that but it doesn’t answer my question and it only assumes you have a working discourse first, which I don’t.

It’s pretty same as any other os… but keep in mind that docker is not really loves CentOS, at least as i know.

(I run discourse on a CentOS - CentOS Web Panel based VPS)

You do have a working discourse. You see it working when you access it via the IP.

Now you’ll need to configure your web server to reverse proxy to it.