Install plugins for hosted solution

(Bo Vice) #1

I am still in the 14-day trial period of the $100/month standard discourse hosted solution. I have been trying to figure out if there is any way to install plugins in the hosted solution. The only instructions I have found so for were for instances of Discourse. This would be great except I would still need some way to deploy these changes to the Discourse server, but cannot find any information on SSH/FTP access to push the changes needed.

Does the hosted plan even support this or is it meant to be cookie-cutter with no possibility of customization?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Arbitrary plugins are only supported on the Enterprise plan.

Standard has a few of the common plugins, and Business has a few more common plugins.

Which plugin are you needing?

(Bo Vice) #3

We have a few custom plugins we would like to add (Zendesk, hubspot,) to name a few. Thanks for the quick response!

(Sam Saffron) #4

Sorry, both of these are not available on the standard or business plan.

(Dean Brown) #5

Is there a list of plugins supported by hosted accounts (specifically Business)? I’m interested in leaderboards but there are probably others.

(David Taylor) #6

On the pricing page click on “basic plugins” or “advanced plugins” to see a list.

(Arnold Schrijver) #7

Yeah, @david, thx for pointing this out. I was just browsing all the nice plugins available to spice up and then wondering how to install them. Oops, we are hosted on the Standard plan currently, being a small non-profit community still. Seems we need to go Enterprise to have any of these goodies installed.

Hi @codinghorror, I am just wondering if Discourse isn’t selling itself short with this. This creates a huge incentive to go self-hosted and have all the freedoms. You’ll be missing out on paid customers this way, IMHO …? You could offer paid support services for self-hosted, maybe.

I was previously involved in plugin authoring for Atlassian. Here you have the Atlassian Marketplace with all stuff at your disposal, and for plugin authors a SDK that allows writing plugins without breaking the core application.

Anyway, I am not in charge of the money, but I might make the case to go Enterprise (you provide a good incentive for that as well, especially with the great discount of 50% for non-profits :+1: :sunglasses:).

(Jeff Atwood) #8

We include the most common useful plugins on standard and business, you can refer to the list at

There is no discount on the enterprise plan – if you need to self-host, go for it. That is why Discourse is open source.