Installation problem with voting plugin


The plugin seems installed as I can see it under plugins as v 0.4 and about 9 different plugin settings available…

However when I edit category, while I see additional options from other settings I do not see the allow voting checkbox. Any help with troubleshooting would be most appreciated.

Is the plugin enabled? Search for voting enabled in site settings.

yes. i unselected and the reselected to make sure. same result unfortunately

I’m seeing the same problem. I have the plugin installed, voting is enabled, but I don’t see the option when editing category settings.

Can you try reproducing the issue?

On I see Allow users to vote on topics in this category in category settings. I’ll test this on a non-hosted site too, but it appears to be working.

Edit: It works on a non-hosted install as well.


Is there any possibility of voting conflicting with other installed plugins? I have solved installed, much like the OP.

My use case is that I have support and development categories. I’d like to use solved in the support category, and voting in the development category.

Anything is possible, but I find it very unlikely it’s conflicting with another official plugin. We run the voting plugin along with a large number of other plugins internally.

Can you share the full list of plugins you’re running?

This is what I’ve got right now - everything is up-to-date.

discourse-details 0.4
doi-resolver 0.6
MathJax support for Discourse 0.4.1
discourse-narrative-bot 0.0.1
discourse-nginx-performance-report 0.1
discourse-presence 1.0
discourse-solved 0.1
discourse-voting 0.4
docker_manager 0.1
lazyYT 1.0.1

I’m happy to get further debugging information if there’s something else needed.

Can you confirm which MattJax plugin that is? What’s the Github repo?

It’s this one: GitHub - kasperpeulen/discourse-mathjax: Mathjax plugin for discourse

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Ah ha! Yes, there’s a very high chance that plugin is causing interference. That plugin is quite out of date. Please switch to GitHub - discourse/discourse-math: Official MathJax support for Discourse. More details can be found in Discourse Math Plugin (see “What about the old plugin?”)

Please do me a favor and switch to the current math plugin and let me know if the issue still exists.


Yeah, that seems to fix my problem at least.