Installing discourse and connecting it to cloudflare


am new here i ordered 20$ vps from Vultr and i want to install discourse on it and connect it to cloudflare and also i purchased a domain name from dream host, please advise me from where i have to start ?

thank you

To install Discourse:

To setup Cloudflare:

If you want someone to do the job for you contact @pfaffman.


Is that ok if i connected my domain to cloudflare before i start the installation ??

That should be just fine too.


I just connected the domain to cloudflare i will use as mail service for my discourse now i have to add the records to verify my domain SPF, and DKIM Etc.
the question is where i have to add them, in cloudflare or in main domain hosting DNS panel its self ?

Sorry @Dexter1, I paste a wrong link in my previous post (for cloudflare), now I have corrected it.

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can you please help with this, what i have to do now ?

Follow this guide to setup your email provider

On Dns panel from your hosting provider
I don’t use elasticmail but generally there is a Domain Verification & DNS (or something similar) to check if everything is ok


@Trash @arunsathiya now i added my domain to vultrl DNS how i can connect it with cloudflare ?

now the domain is Dreamhost-cloudflare, how i can now make it cloudflare-Vultr ?