Installing discourse on Centos 7

(Nick Putman) #1

I have a developer who is going to help me install discourse on my server. Currently I have Centos 6.6, and he was planning to upgrade to Centos 7 in order to be compatible with discourse, but is now saying that I should install Ubuntu instead, because this is supported by discourse. Is there then an advantage to installing it on Ubuntu? Can I install it successfully on Centos 7?



(Jay Pfaffman) #2

The installation docs and your developer both recommend Ubuntu. Do you have a compelling reason to go with Centos?

(Nick Putman) #3

No, except that Centos is already installed on my server. And then I am not sure how much work is involved in switching OS. I couldn’t see anywhere that the installation docs were recommending Ubuntu - hence my question.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

I did a quick search for Centos and found lots of problems, and I’m pretty sure that many more people are using Ubuntu than Centos these days. It would seem, though that if you’re going to go with a docker install, then it shouldn’t matter much.

If all you have is web and database stuff on your Centos box, then making the switch won’t be that big a deal. If you have lots of users and other services, then your reticence to move may be well placed.

(Nick Putman) #5

OK, thanks for the information. Yes, i think we are planning a docker installation, but I’m happy to switch to Ubuntu if this isn’t too much hassle. Can I just ask, what are the disadvantages of the docker install - less scope for customisation? I am likely to only want to style discourse, and not much else, though might be interested in other customisation further down the line…

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

The disavantages of NOT using the docker install are:

  • No support on this forum

  • Bugs that aren’t reproducible on the docker install, so they aren’t fixed / take longer to fix.

  • Harder to update.

No, this is the same, docker or not.

PS: Edited because language is hard.

(Nick Putman) #7

OK, thanks. And the only advantage of the docker install is that it’s easier?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Sorry @falco’s answer was backwards. He told you the disadvantages of choosing a NON Docker install.

There are zero advantages to choosing the non-docker install. It is not supported here in any way, shape or form.

(Nick Putman) #9

OK, so docker it is!
And, by the sounds of it, preferably on Ubuntu.