Installing forum on AWS

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I was researching for a forum software, and decided the Discourse is the best from all that I’ve seen.

I want to create a forum for a new website that right now has little traffic (~800 visitors a day). My budget is small.

I thought about installing in on t2.micro for start, because I can always upgrade the machine to a better one with more storage, more RAM and more processing power (I know, the forum will be off for a few minutes, while upgrading).Also backups are really easy using EC2 AMIs.

I have a few questions:

  1. Will the forum run on t2.micro instance for around 10-20 concurrent online users?
  2. Is using this bitnami stack is the easiest way to install it?
  3. How easy it, if I use the bitnami stack above, to upgtade to a newer version when one is released?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, and welcome! :slight_smile:

First of all, if your budget is small, have a look at the suggested options in topics like this one, you’ll see you can host Discourse for much less than the cost of a t2.micro:

Second, whatever cloud provider you choose, don’t use Bitnami. Use the recommended and supported Docker-based install, which is the easiest way not just to get up and running but also to enable one-click upgrades from the web interface.

(Ashish Dung Dung) #3

Answers to your queries :slight_smile:

I’m glad to tell you that I recently conducted successful tests with aws t2.micro instances in Amazon AWS.

Yes, you can run it, but it will be bit slow.

Make sure to create a SWAP FILE for your installation.

Yes its very easy to deploy and manage through bitnami stack.

The only trouble is too update to a newer version, but some kind of easy automation will come to it soon.
But if you follow the bitnami disocurse guide properly you can do that easily. But you have to be thorough.


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I am a developer, but I am not that good with Linux servers in general. I am looking in the links that @Steko provided for Docker hosting, and if I can’t fund anything appropriate, I’ll look into AWS. The great thing about AWs is that it’s easy to maintain and easy to upgrade and backup servers.

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What is “SWAP FILE” for th installation? :confused:

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Well you dont have to be, there are enough guides available. And if you bump across a major problem, you can just ask around for help.

Yes what steko is right too. If you have a docker installation, it would be more easier to upgrade. Its 1 click upgrade with docker installation.

Currently what you can do is, host a instance manually and install a OS and follow the cloud installation guide of Discourse rather than pre made images of Discourse that are available in Amazon Market Place.

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About SWAP file you can search about it in this forum.

It will help if you have low RAM.

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Is there a way to create a docker installation on AWS, so I can enjoy both worlds?


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From what I read now, Docker requires a paid subcscription?


Please follow the official instructions:

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I wanted to know if DigitalOcean servers are scalable. I am still investigating a few solutions, but one solution that I’ve seen is here. But if I decide to take the $10 option, will I be able to scale to the $20 (I sent them a message, didn’t get an answer yet)?


Yes, you can upgrade your droplet any time you want.
But keep in mind they don’t allow downgrade for one-click install.

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I am a programmer, so It won’t be a problem doing it manually. But thanks a lot for letting me know.

(Ashish Dung Dung) #15

That’s true. If you are going for one click installations, you loose some benefits.
Rather I would suggest you to learn few of the stuff, so that you can do a manual installation and could actually save money and scale your discourse whenever needed.

If you are thinking of 10$-20$ range, i would suggest you to use google cloud.

Currently I am testing and learning via Google Cloud Platform, and I must say, its pretty sleek and you could actually save a great deal of money. Which you could later invest in some other thing.

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$10 on a well documented guide how to deploy, scalability option, backup/restore option ,easy upgrade option - certainly a very small risk. I am really leaning towards digitalocean. I also like reliable hosting companies than dealing with not so well known companies. I am currently reading the guide to learn the procedure. Unless some other magic solution is posted here, I think I’ll give digitalocean a try.

I am also a programmer, so I can work around things that are a bit more complicated if I had to. BTW: you are really great in helping out, didn’t expect these answers so fast. That’s also a HUGE PLUS for Discourse!

(Ashish Dung Dung) #17

Sure, just contributing. Goodluck for your project.

If you will be using low ram about 2Gb, with the current update you would still need the swap file, don’t know why but its just that.

Recommend using CDN like Amzaon AWS and also Cloudflare for your domain management.

Helps to offload bandwidth and resource utilization.

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I actually thought about the 1GB, because my forum starts with zero users. If more users sign in, I will upgrade. I can always upgrade, that’s the beauty. I am using AWS already, but I never used cloudflare before.

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I insist you to use cloudflare and also Amazon Cloudfront for your CDN purposes.

Yup you can always upgrade.


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I’ll look into cloudflare :slight_smile: