Installing plugins on a bitnami AWS installation


(Morrus) #1

So we have a test clean install of Discourse using AWS’s automated installation. That I managed to do (I’m a long way from being a sysadmin, and just followed the wizard through, mainly, and was pleasantly surprised when I got to the end and there was a nice Discourse installation all set up there).

There are some plugins I want to install, but they all say to edit app.yml. I can’t find any such file, though. I’ve managed to FTP into the server and look at the files (three folders: apps, htdocs, stack, with tons of stuff inside them). I don’t know anything about using command lines to do stuff, and I’m hoping that’s not a skill I’m going got have to learn.

So, I assume I’m just being dense, but how do you install plugins when you have a bitnami install on AWS?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Unfortunately we can only support installs that use our official install guide.