Installing plugins without Docker? (Windows 8 and Vagrant Setup)


Hello everyone,

Is it possible to install plugins without the use of Docker?

I’ve been researching some other threads like these two, and it seems to imply the app.yml can only be found with a Docker set up:

However, I would very much like to test out the plugins on my Windows 8 and Vagrant VM setup, and develop on the local host/VM like I’ve been doing.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance.


Just for more detail, I’m trying to install this colored font plugin for Discourse:

(Ryan Fox) #2

I’m not sure what your Vagrant setup is like, but within a Docker install, you can put files within directories under /var/www/discourse/plugins, and then do launcher restart app to restart Discourse. It’s much faster for iterative development than rebuilding the Docker container, which takes like 10 minutes when you edit the app.yml file.


Docker sounds really awesome, but unfortunately I’m not able to purchase Digital Ocean at the moment to use it. In addition, I don’t have my own server either.

Is there a way to use plugins without Docker, or is that the only way?

(Ryan Fox) #4

Sorry, what I meant to do was give you a place to try to relate to your own installation.

In my Docker install, /var/www/discourse contains:

adminjs   chef             COPYRIGHT.txt              Gemfile              jsapp        packaging  Rakefile   test
app       config           db                         Gemfile.lock         lib          plugins  tmp
bin        discourse.sublime-project  Gemfile_master.lock  LICENSE.txt  Procfile   script     Vagrantfile
Brewfile  docs                       images               log          public     spec       vendor

If you have a directory that looks like that, try creating a plugins directory, and then put your plugins in directories under that, and restart Discourse.


It worked! You have no idea how much you just helped me. Thank you!