Installing with a VM


Just making sure this is possible before I start.

I found a nice tutorial here, and I was wanting to try it out.

Am I able to use a VM to run Ubuntu, then follow this guide to install it on my web server? I’m currently hosted at Nixihost

I was just unsure if I could do it on a web server since a lot of people were talking about running it on a home server.

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Seems as long as the requirements are met you should be able to
discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Hardware Requirements

Dual core CPU recommended
1 GB RAM minimum (with swap)
64 bit Linux compatible with Docker

Software Requirements

Postgres 9.3+
Redis 2.6+
Ruby 2.0+ (we recommend 2.0.0-p353 or higher)

but note that if you go a different path you may be pretty much on your own for solving any problems

The only officially supported installs of Discourse are the Docker based beginner and advanced installs. We regret that we cannot support any other methods of installation.

Why do you only officially support Docker?

Hosting Rails applications is complicated. Even if you already have Postgres, Redis and Ruby installed on your server, you still need to worry about running and monitoring your Sidekiq and Rails processes. Additionally, our Docker install comes bundled with a web-based GUI that makes upgrading to new versions of Discourse as easy as clicking a button.

IMHO if you want to try out Discourse, install it in localhost or checkout